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Our Mission:

To birth a God Generation in zealous pursuit of truth and transformation and to journey as friends in Christ to possess the ends of the earth.

Who We Are

The name Rain is all about life:
as rain in the natural give life, refreshes, restores and sustains life on earth
so the Holy spirit in the Spiritual.

We see in the Bible that God uses this metaphor to explain the outpouring of his blessings. We want to be His outpouring of life to our community in Hermanus.

We are a passionate and vibrant Church in Hermanus Community. . We are passionate about God, people and our community.  As active disciples of Christ in a post-modern society, we strive to think outside the box our culture puts you and us in, but in line with God’s word. In our meetings we minister in ways that are natural, naturally spiritual, true to scripture and relevant to our culture. Real ministry happens within real relationships. Therefore our goal is to provide an atmosphere of love, where people can grow spiritually through vibrant worship, honest friendships, and compassionate action.

All are welcome, free in their appearance, but challenged inwardly to grow progressively closer to God, impacting the world we live in. Rain Christian Church in Hermanus is  a place of hope and healing.

We love our church and think you will too. We are not perfect, but we are passionate about trying to be the kind of church that Jesus would be pleased with. Why not come along and see for yourself.

a new way of thinking about church....

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